Weekly US market

This institute provides a leading index on US economy based on some macro measurement. This article describes how to use the leading weekly index to anticipate US economy movement.

Following guru trends

www.gurufocus.com offers a number of cool free features for those not willing to part with 400USD per year: 1. Guru trends industry 2. Guru scoreboard with easy access to individual portfolios by name. Unfortunately all data is delayed. 3. Concensus picks of many gurus 4. Insider trading is really updated, including trends 5. Rebalanced A, …

Market health simple indicators

This page includes simple market health indicators for US, India, Japan, REIT, MLP. Should be checked once per month when rebalancing momentum/sector rotation/equity-bonds allocations. For example, the price-to-book indicator is very interesting – since it is a proxy for the liquidation stock price. Investor fears are abundant, should be acknowledged but not overused.

Trend analysis

Charting and trend analysis is very similar to astrology. There are woo many signals to decide anything. This blog offers a reasonable ~daily market analysis that supplements our fundamental understandings and offers new insight. The charts often give wrong signals, so be careful when charting.

Market sector rebalancing

Drag the “200 days” indicator for history. Can create custom charts within the tool Investment channels Per channel S&P sector charts Commodity Bonds Another representation Per sector Per country Need to add sample portfolios… Investment timing S&P Put any other symbol for chart. Yet, Another representation, yet to do it right Cap size RRG supported …