World markets

This post considers worlds markets performance within a long timeframe. The markets signal rotation. SENSEX is as strong as ever, but Chinese indices are under pressure and European indices are rising. S&P and Nikkei are relatively neutral. Strong volatility everywhere. Maybe volatility will subside when Greece politics and Crude price get balanced.

Commodities supercycle

This great article shows the current commodities supercycle. Commodities are generally moving in a very wide “channel” supported by inflation with roughly 25 years cycle. The current cycle should be modified by 2008 crisis results for better understanding. It appears that the overall commodities prices are falling right now, as explained by the supercycle theory. …

Gold status

Unlike the status of oil, which is pretty clear right now, the status of gold is more complex. Gold demand is governed by exchange rate uncertainty and monetary inflation. We see conflicting trends of uncertainty and deflation, with rapidly changing monetary policies, which causes unpredictable results. We have seen a rally fueled almost entirely by …

World-wide deflation

We are probably witnessing the biggest word-wide deflation after the big depression of 30s. This article explains how US QE excess liquidity could cause such worldwide deflation. Will be interesting to see if ECB QE and Abenomics can handle it, and how the Chinese government will regulate overproduction and speculative bubbles resulting.