Tools ideas

The tools we are building should allow the following:
1. Generate a wishlist of stocks for further use according to diversification sections
2. Select from wishlist stocks into portfolio, calculate beta and std
3. Backtest the portfolio of drawdown, upside etc
4. Analyze the whole market according to index/sector.
5. Generate timed signals for buy/sell. Generate a small dashboard to see the market directions.
6. Sync with news and future events for better analysis
7. Use fibonacci to generate limit stops

Specific per asset
1. Generate breadth indicators for index.
2. For leveraged/inverse funds show underlying index/commodity
3. For commodity show CCI and try to get multiple month options
4. Show liquidity, volume and moneyflow….

P/E and similar statistics per stocks and more complex assets
Contango per commodity
Specific benchmarks like equal share gold/dollar/equity/bonds
ETF screening tools: cost of index, rebalancing arbitrage, cost of leverage
alpha computation
individual stock trend alerts

The most important tool is tactical: per asset class define the tactics of trading in the tactics class….

This is quite a lot of work, so it will take quite some time to generate…
You are welcome to provide further ideas..

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