Natural gas and oil

The oil falling 50% poses several questions.
We speculate that (brent) oil is posed to break 45$ support sometimes in Feb and stay there for 3 months before going up to 80$ in December.
The supporting information is not strong enough yet to support this speculation, so we do not bring it here.
What we do want to ask is the impact of the oil prices on natural gas prices.
There is a ~40% correlation between the oil prices and natural gas prices, with natural gas prices slightly trailing… Here is in-depth analysis.
The other 60% is related to weather and production/storage.
The gas is oversupplied .
Currently the weather is pushing the gas up, but eventually it will fall to be proportionate with oil. So we may time DGAZ investment with target price of 2700.
weekly :
Fibonacci 2.600 2.755 2.851

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