Largest companies in the world

Today’s biggest companies are small when compared to dinosaurs 300 years ago, and the wealth is more evenly distributed.
This report is a summary of largest companies world-wide. The top 10 are
Notice that the list of largest companies by revenue is quite different
Key highlights
• Three industries show significant upward trends: Industrials (+153%), Technology (+149%) and
Financials (+136%)
• Among all these industries are largely dominated by US companies.
• The value of industrial companies (7) in the Global Top 100 has increased the most, with 3 new
entries in the Global Top 100 in 2014 and one new entry in the top 10 (General Electric).
However, the industrial sector remains relatively small compared to the Financial and
Technology industries.
• Technology has 2 very impressive risers with Apple, Google. 15 years ago Apple was valued at a
few billion USD and Google was just founded. The technology sector predominantly consists of
US domiciled companies.
• The number of Consumer Services in the Global top 100 grew to 7 by, with 4 new entries. Again
the US dominates, all 7 companies are domiciled in the United States.
• Increasing consumption and the rise of the middle class throughout large parts of the world are
key trends that enable companies in this sector to grow.
• Despite the financial crisis Financial Services is the sector with the most companies in our study.

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